Ala Carte

Saath Me - Accompaniment

Shuruwaat - Starters


Tandoori & Grilled

Batak Ke Vanjan – Duck

Murgh Ke Pakwan - Chicken

Gosht Ka Khajana - Lamb

Samunder Ke Moti – Fish


Classics & Biryani

Favorite Classics

Favorite Classics

Favourite Classics are available in :
Lamb: £9.55
Lamb Tikka (D) (M): £9.95
Chicken Tikka (D) (M): £9.55
Chicken: £8.95
Prawn (C): £8.95
King Prawn (C): £12.95
Paneer (V): £8.95
Vegetable (V): £7.95


Please choose a sauce of your choice from below :

Masala (N)(D)(M): £2.00
A traditional and very popular, creamy, tomato Indian dish, which is bursting full of flavour and colour.

Korma (D) (N): £2.00
A traditional and very popular dish made with cashew nuts & cream.

Madras 🌶🌶 : £2.00
Hot and Spicy Curry.

Jalfrezi 🌶 : £2.00
Spicy and hot pepper sauce.

Bhoona : £2.00
Thick Onion and tomato sauce cooked on a slow flame with spices.

Rogan Josh : £2.00
Traditional Indian aromatic curry with cassia and cardamom.

Kadhai 🌶  : £2.00
Onion and tomato sauce cooked with diced bell peppers and onions with aromatic kadhai masala.

Vindaloo 🌶🌶🌶 : £2.00
Very hot and spicy curry, tempered with curry leaves and dry red chillies.

Do-Piaza : £2.00
Cooked with large amount of onions, added in the end as a garnish.

Naga 🌶  : £2.00
Hot Pepper curry.

South Indian Garlic Chilli 🌶🌶  : £2.00
Hot and spicy curry, with a twist of sweet and sour sauce.

Pasanda (N) (D)  : £2.00
A delicious almond and cream based curry, garnished with almond flakes.

Saagwala : £2.00
Cooked with spinach.

Patia : £2.00
Hot sweet and sour parsi curry. Served with pilau rice

Dhansak : £2.00
Sweet, honey and tangy yellow lentil sauce. Served with pilau rice.

Basmati Ka Swad - Biryani


Please choose Accompaniment of your choice :
Tarka Dhal
Mixed Raita
Vegetable Curry

Vegetarian Mains & Sides

Sakhahari - Vegetarian Mains

Sakhahari - Vegetarian Sides

Rice & Bread

Basmati Chawal – Rice

Rotia - Breads